Berwick Artists Society

Committee of Management

Berwick Artists Society is a society for amateur and professional artists, indeed for anyone having a love of the visual arts. It is incorporated in Victoria, and is run by a small Committee of Management on a volunteer basis.

The committee is voted on each year and members are welcome to apply for positions on the committee or help in other ways such as event planning and general setting up of venues.

If you have skills or business contacts that may benefit the Society please advise the committee

The committee of management for 2019/2120 is as follows:

Contact Details

President, Newsletter and Website
Rosemary Stayner
9700 1934

Vice President
Joy Pyle
0409 558614

Barry Treloar
0448 363 252

Secretary, Publicity Officer, Facebook
Helen Anderson
0425 357387

Membership Secretary
Barbara Robinson
0419 354868                                                                                                                                                                                            


Barry Collins
Robin Dunkley
Roz Merry
Paul Reid, Sandra Stockwell

Co-opted Committee
Brian Anderson
Quinton Baldwin, Tony Purcell